Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card, Class 10

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Product Details
UPC: 8886450703614
Brand: Strontium
Product: New
Generic Name: Memory Card
Model no.: 8GB
Warranty: Strontium India

Product description

Capacity:8 GB

Upgrade Your Device Memory at Instant

Do you wish to extend the memory of your device, without going into the trouble of buying new device with higher memory space? The answer is right here- Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 10). Strontium is not just one of the best brands, but also produces customized variety of memory cards to meet the varying needs of extending storage space in devices. Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 10) allows you to save more and store all that is important and valuable to you. Be it images, office presentations, videos, movies or any other form of data, you can store all at one place, keeping it secure from getting lost or misplaced. You don't have to follow lengthy procedures to install it. All you have to do is place it in memory card holder and restart your device. The device will automatically detects the card and prepares it to function. One can also format and reuse the card if needed.

Speed and Quality

One of the best features of Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 10) is that it can read and write with speed of 65 Mbps. It doesn't take much time to detect the device and offers high performance. It can easily store large videos and HD quality images at high speed. Class 10 is counted among the best type class, which is preferred and recommended by users all round the world. Recording and saving of high definition images and videos can be done at the same time with ease. This memory card support SD SPI mode and SD system specification version 2.0, with data transmission at the rate of 6MB/s (minimum speed). The Default mode interface speed is 6MB/sec, while the high speed mode interface speed is 10MB/sec

Designed the Perfect Way

Compact and durable, Strontium 8GB MicroSD Memory Card (Class 10) has been designed to match your needs and design of the device. Manufactured using high quality material, this memory card is amazingly size in size and easily to use and carry. Along with boosting the device's life, it also boosts your productivity and efficiency of your work. Designed and built to withstand harshest conditions, this card comes with protections like magnetic proof, temperature proof, X-ray proof and waterproof.

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